October 24, 2011

Klein Pinnacle part II

After thinking about which way to take the build of my Klein Pinnacle i came across a post on a vintage mtb forum about a converted Cannondale. The whole idea about that converted Cannondale was to make a bike in the spirit of the bikes made by Charlie Cunningham.  That meant talking an old u-brake compatible Cannondale frame and fit all kind of components on it that Charlie might have used. The result a Canningham! After studying the concept a bit more i also came across the Kleiningham which is the same idea but than with an old Klein frame!

So there it was the concept for my Pinnacle a Kleiningham. The problem straight away was that i do not own or want to own any of the components that are usually to be found on a Cunningham. What i do have is some very nice IRD parts and a stack of components to build a few bikes. The build was on!

The frame was stripped of it's paint and the fork refinished in satin black. The frame was sanded down for a few hours until raw but smooth. The rear wheel i had was 135mm spaced but the frame needs a 130mm spaced wheel. I changed some spacers on the rear axle and made it fit without the wheel needing to be redished. The catch was that a normal cassette wouldn't fit so i use five speeds. The rest is all standard.

Frame: Klein Pinnacle
Fork: Klein Spinner
Headset: Shimano Deore DX
Stem: Nitto Dirt-drop
Handlebar: On-One Midge (finish stripped)
Levers: Shimano
Tape: Cinelli cork
Seatpost: IRD
Seat: SDG Bell-Air cromo
Seatbolt: Shimano
Front brake: IRD Switchback
Rear brake: IRD Rotary
Bracket: Klein
Cranks: Shimano Deore XT 180mm
Chainwheel: Surly 40 teeth
Pedals: Cranks Bros Egg-Beater SL
Chain: Shimano
Cassette: Shimano 5 speed
Hubset: Shimano Deore XT
Quick releases: Slow-release
Spokes: Stainless
Rims: Araya RM-400pro
Rear derailleur: Shimano Deore XT (short cage)
Tires: Ritchey Tom Slicks 26"x1,4" (use it on the road until next spring)