November 11, 2012

Klein Performance

The past summer i have not ridden much. I just could not get me to go to a mountain bike trail mostly because they are quite far from my house. The area i live in is flat agricultural with the steepest and longest obstacles being the bridges across the waterways perfect for a new project a road bike!

In the eighties before i came in to contact with mountain bikes i owned a very neat Jan Janssen Tour de France road bike. It was equiped with a Shimano 105 groupset and came in a La vie Claire color scheme as sported by my hero of the day Bernard Hinault. My outfit was also from the La Vie Claire team. I loved the bike and rode quite a few miles on it before i sold it to buy my first mountain bike a Scott Windriver.

Being very happy with my Klein Pinnacle i decided that my road bike also should be from Klein so i started to scan ebay for one in a 60cm size. After a month or so i found one. It came in a bright orange color together with the original fork and pump. The problem that came forth was that the seller was not very willing to send it overseas so i called in the help of Noah to sort it out and, the fine man he is, he did so.

A few weeks later the bike arrived in a big box. Inside was the frame set but straight away i noticed the paint job was in far worse condition than could be seen in the pictures. There was only one remedy and that was to strip it to it's raw form. The stripping costed me more time than estimated but the result is very nice indeed. The fork i kept in it's tatty orange finish as a reminder that i'm not one of those shaved  and smooth looking roadies but a rougher mountain bike guy! The components i selected as a salute to the Jan Janssen tour de France, a Shimano 105 group set (1055) with box rims and skin wall tires.

The frame was advertised as a Klein Performance but when i looked closer at it i am more convinced it was a custom job. The color orange was not a standard color, the frame only has bottle mounts on the downtube and the rack mounting holes on the seatstays are missing.

Frame: Klein Performance
Fork: Klein
Headset: Shimano 1055
Stem: 3TTT
Handlebar: 3TTT
Brake levers: Shimano 1055
Tape: Cinelli cork
Seatpost: IRD
Seat: Selle Italia Turbo
Seatbolt: Klein
Shift lever: Simano 1055
Brakes: Shimano 1055
Bracket: Klein
Cranks: Shimano 1055
Chainwheel: Surly 44 teeth
Pedals: Cranks Bros Candy SL
Chain: Shimano
Cassette: No-Name 7 speed
Hubset: Shimano 1055
Quick releases: Shimano
Spokes: Stainless
Rims: Campagnolo Lambda Strada
Rear derailleur: Shimano 1055
Tires: Challenge Strada